Reliable & Scalable Transactional Email Service
Mailzeet is a powerful transactional email sending infrastructure with proven deliverability and tracking, designed for your entire team.
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Insightful Analytics
Gain insights into email performance with Mailzeet's analytics to enhance engagement rates.
Engagement Tracking
Mailzeet offers easy tracking of email opens and clicks, empowering you to optimize your campaigns effectively.
Optimize Deliverability
Use Mailzeet to make informed decisions and boost your email deliverability results with actionable data.
Easy to use, powerful to scale
Seamlessly design email

Create beautiful, responsive and professional‑looking transactional emails with our drag‑and‑drop email.

Your email looks great on all devices, browsers and email clients.
  • No code required
  • Preview designs on desktop and mobile devices
  • Enhance all designs with GIFs and free stock photos
Pre‑designed Templates

Pick from our growing library of responsive email templates and shape your design in our email editor.

Afterward, personalize it by adjusting fonts, images, colors, and integrating your brand's logo.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • +30 pre‑designed templates
  • +5 categories of email templates
Dynamic Content

Personalized transactional emails yield better results.

With Mailzeet, you can easily add dynamic content to your emails and tailor them to each recipient.
  • Increase engagement
  • Efficient Adaptability
  • Unified Branding
Measure what matters most

With Mailzeet, you don't just send emails, you send successful messages that resonate.

Track email opens and clicks with our real‑time analytics and optimize your email campaigns to improve your results.
  • Real‑time analytics
  • Track email opens and clicks
  • Optimize your email campaigns
Work together as a team

Transactional email isn't just developers, it's a team effort.

Mailzeet is designed for your entire team. Invite your team members to collaborate on your email campaigns.
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Assign roles and permissions
  • Track your team's activities
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Mailzeet is a dedicated transactional email service designed to streamline and secure your business's email communications. By providing a platform specifically for transactional emails, Mailzeet ensures that important messages such as receipts, account updates, and real‑time notifications are delivered reliably and efficiently to your customers' inboxes.

Quick and Easy Integration
Seamlessly integrate Mailzeet into your codebase using our REST API or ready‑to‑use SDKs, tailored for your favorite programming languages.
// Add this to your .env file:

// Send the email
  'from' => '[email protected]',
  'to' => '[email protected]',
  'subject' => 'Hello World',
  'html' => '<strong>it works!</strong>',
import { Mailzeet } from 'mailzeet';

const mailzeet = new Mailzeet('re_123456789');

(async function() {
  try {
    const data = await mailzeet.emails.send({
      from: '[email protected]',
      to: '[email protected]',
      subject: 'Hello World',
      html: '<strong>it works!</strong>'

  } catch (error) {
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